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What is BVO to You?

We are thrilled to launch our new video and share a bit about all that goes on behind the scenes at BVO. How much do you know about your local services? Take a minute (or two) and watch our video, we bet you will learn something new! We started by asking our interview subjects, "what is BVO to you?" We were amazed and humbled by the responses. We learned that BVO is many things to many people, and many people make up BVO.  Thank you to Jarvis Strong for motivating us to get the video created, to Samantha Pollock of Sparrow Blue for producing and sponsoring the video, and to Ben Frisch of B.Fresh Media  for supporting with filming of interviews.   Please email: to tell us what BVO is to you.



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New BVO Location








Home Sweet Home!

Posted: 01/06/18

BVO is thrilled to be open for business at new location.


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