Celebrating 30 Years!

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Treasure Shop Donation Bins

DONATIONS to BVO Treasure Shop

Thank you for your donations and honoring our evolving donation acceptance plan at this time.  

As we continue to sort through your donations and to keep the store open, we are facing a number of challenges.  To name but a few:

·We are struggling with maintaining consistent Volunteers to cover the required COVID positions in the store

·We have very limited options to divert the donated textiles/goods that can’t be sold in our store

·COVID restrictions allow only 10 people in the store at one time, therefore merchandise is not moving as quickly...

Our plan at this time is that we ask you to call our TS coordinator Jenn Mills to set up an appointment.  At that time, she will let you know what items we are able to accept. Please call 519-599-2577 and press 1 to leave your message. We will be accepting limited donations based on our capacity and availability.

In an effort to keep our shelves and racks refreshed, we may send out requests for goods that we are in in low supply of.  We will do this through our website, Facebook and on our Treasure Shop Voicemail message.

We ask for your help by donating items in good saleable condition, by appointment only.

Thank you again for your patience as we endeavor to work together during these challenging times.