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Making good things happen in our community!

Volunteer Appreciation

This past year during Volunteer Appreciation week, the focus was recognizing the diverse ways Canadians volunteer and make their communities stronger.  At BVO we are so thankful for the many different ways our volunteers are "making good things happen in our community!".

Last year more than 10,000 individuals or families were impacted through the efforts of volunteers. Whether emergency services, weekly and daily programs, or an annual event, BVO could not fill gaps and meet needs without you. Thank you to all of our volunteers for your dedication, hard work, and care. Because you give your time, our community is stronger.

Your efforts resulted in many:

  • Breakfasts served to children
  • Donations sorted
  • Boxes and Bags lifted
  • Calls answered and people supported
  • Boxes and Bags of food sorted
  • Stories read to children
  • Events enjoyed by our community
  • And countless other acts of kindness and generosity!

As a volunteer, we hope that you receive a sense of real accomplishment and well-being as you make so many appreciated and valuable contributions to BVO and the community at large. Our Board of Directors and Staff thank you-we are pleased to have you on our Team.

Here are a few of the times we celebrate our volunteers and connect as a team:

  • Volunteer Appreciation Week
  • International Volunteer Day
  • AGM
  • Volunteer Gatherings